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Near delusionally dreamy sense and space maker ☁️

Who are you when your job and what you do can no longer define you?

Looking for new adventures, excited what the future holds for me. I am currently researching change through games, making silly stickers and trying to create open and safe spaces and communities for like-minded people to share their passion and create freely together. 

This portfolio is a safe space I created for myself to reflect and plan things. It is also a place for you, people who would like to learn more about me in a very holistic manner. It is also a space for me to keep track of things I do, since I am slowly losing track.


What have I been up to ⌛


I had a chance to facilitate a short design workshops focused on designing a personal companion from the year 3000 for a group of highschoolers. You can read more about my experience in my latest blog.

Community Curatorship & Learning Experience Design

I had a wonderful time at the Community Curatorship weekend during which I piloted a prototype for my first playful learning experience. The design was based on interviews I did and will be evaluated afterwards.

UX Design for Národní pedagogický institut

I am currently working for the National Pedagogical Institute of the ČR, helping the with UX design of their brand new website. Blog coming soon!

WHAT'S UP: Projects

In the near future 🔮


I was chosen as a participant for this interesting project organized by Institute of Anxiety. I am not really sure what to expect but I am very excited about this journey. The project will be ending next year in June.

Field trip to _Půda

I am very excited I will (hopefully) get the chance to go on a field trip to _Půda library in Polička with my KISK classmates and friends.

Still working on the atelier in ZET9, it will be a lot of work and the money is a little bit tight but it will be majestic. There might be an interview published soon so stay tuned!

WHAT'S UP: Projects

I recently learned 🔎


Coptic binding

We went to Anarchistický Book Fair Brno and attended a workshop hosted by Cilka from Knihovnička who taught us how to do coptic binding and notebooks came out great! I am also planning to learn other types of binding together with my friends.

How to change a lock

I had fact, there is no easy way to change the lock without having the original key. Of course we don't have the original key for our ZET9 atelier, so now I know ho to change it, I took it apart aannd we either have to pick it or DESTROY it, or drill through with an iron drill, YAAAY!

How to start a women literary gastro book club

Thanks to my classmates and friends Šárka, Illy and Katka I now know how to start a literary gastro book club in 15 easy steps! It involves a lot of good food, books and friends and...DOGS. Max 7 people, you can decide on the book based on the food you want to eat or vice-versa.

WHAT'S UP: Projects

Reading/Watching/Listening 💖


How to See the World

Book by Nicholas Mirzoeff that was published in CZ by ArtMap. The book is about images of the 21st century, how they shape us and how we create them. It is an intersectional combination of art, history, activism and change in this rapidly changing world.

Parks and Recreation

Autumn desperately asks for a good re/binge-watch and I am going for my all-time-favourite comfort show Parks and Recreation. This time it made me realize that most of the characters are incredibly neurospicy.

Rub času (P/\ST)

Currently on repeat, this song haunts me. Every time I listen to it I find some new metaphor in it that cuts me deep in my soul. I recommend the whole album, it is truly a masterpiece.

WHAT'S UP: Projects
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